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Laser-guided procedures in cosmetic dentistry offers our dentist the ability to sculpt more attractive smiles while remaining gentle in his approach – to the point where local anesthetic is no longer necessary.

When providing cosmetic dental restorations, Dr. Lee T. Frost identifies the best application of laser technology for your unique situation. As laser dentistry is new to many patients, consider common applications of dental lasers before your appointment:

Soft Tissue Contouring with Lasers

A laser meant to treat soft tissue operates at a strength safe to use on gums. The wavelengths of light used in these lasers permits them to precisely target tissue without harming healthy areas. Candidates for soft tissue laser treatment are typically patients who require surgical treatment for periodontitis, though soft tissue lasers can also be used to effectively shape your gum line. In this way, lasers can be used as pre-treatments before veneers, crowns, and other restorations are applied to ensure prosthetics are situated appropriately against the gum line for best aesthetics.

Cosmetic dentistry with the use of lasers takes advantage of the unique properties of this technology for conservative treatment. The lasers used in soft tissue procedures also seal tissue and eliminate bacteria from the site, promoting fast recovery and minimizing the risk for post-operative infection.. Recent studies report that patients enjoy greater comfort and improved healing following laser procedures.

The Flexibility of Cosmetic Procedures with Lasers

The wavelength a laser operates at is calibrated to ensure that only the specific treatment area is affected. These lasers offer an alternative to traditional treatment options for the removal of old restorations and placement of aesthetic prosthetics.

Laser cosmetic dentistry can accomplish all of the following:

• Reduce the appearance of excessive gum tissue
• Balance the gum line, so soft tissue height is even
• Shape tissue around a restoration for natural aesthetics

Treatment with lasers during cosmetic procedures is both conservative and hygienic. Surfaces left behind after treatment are sterile and teeth are not impacted. Lasers offer the perfect complement to aesthetic dental treatment, helping to create a balanced and appealing aesthetic, where the appearance of health enamel and soft tissue is even and symmetrical.

Through the use of dental lasers in cosmetic treatments, Dr. Frost can help you discover a minimally invasive, effective option for a completely renewed and attractive smile. Contact our office today to learn more about adding laser treatment to your chosen cosmetic procedure.