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Even if you take good care of your teeth, they will eventually stain over the years. This discoloration can be the result of various habits and life style choices, including cigarette smoking, exposure to tannins in tea, and heavy pigment of coffee and wine. Regular brushing with toothpaste helps to limit severe stains, but cannot effectively remove discoloration that has built up over a long period of time.

Professional teeth whitening is an effective way to get your teeth looking bright again. We offer this service to boost patients’ confidence and support aesthetic results from restorative dental care.

At-Home Whitening Provided by a Dentist

While there are many varieties of whitening, some use light beams and are administered in a dental practice, while other are whitening systems you use at home for convenience and control over your treatment. The in-office option provides results in an hour, but may not be suited for patients with especially sensitive teeth.

Take-home kits gently and effectively whiten your teeth at your pace. Treatments can be spread out over a few weeks and trays can be worn while you are relaxing at home. As trays provided by a dentist are customized to the shape of your smile, results from whitening meet patients’ expectations for brighter teeth.

Finding the Right Whitening Regimen

You might think that the one hour in-office method of whitening would win hands down in terms of patient popularity. However, many prefer the control of the home-based system. You will only discover which teeth whitening system is best for you after your schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation. During your visit, we can examine your smile to determine level of staining and expectations. Patients who have heavily discolored teeth and are looking for a significant improvement may be recommended a longer whitening program. The shade and condition of existing restorations are taking into account as well.

Ask Our Cosmetic Dentist about Lasting Whitening Results

Keeping your smile bright includes wearing your whitening trays for the recommended times and keeping up with a thorough at-home brushing and flossing routine. Dr. Frost can also provide touch-up kits after every preventive teeth cleaning appointment. With excellent at-home care, routine professional dental cleanings, and touch-ups twice a year, your teeth can remain bright and healthy.

For more information about our whitening services, please call us today for an appointment.