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Frost Dental Group, with the help of anesthesiologist Dr. Glen Atlas, offers soothing dental sedation in support of quality care for anxious patients. Many patients wonder if sedation is safe and appropriate for their needs. While every case is different, sedation is a sound treatment for patients requiring a complete but conscious state of calm.

What Does Sedation Do?

Sedation is highly effective as a relaxation aid but is not general anesthesia and does not directly put patients to sleep. This treatment, sometimes referred to as oral conscious sedation, uses one of several possible anti-anxiety medications to increase patients comfort and induce a sense of relaxation that makes time appear to pass quickly.  For creating this sensation of the halfway point between sleeping and being awake, this treatment is also often called twilight sedation.

However, you do not fall unconscious when undergoing this type of sedation; you remain awake throughout the procedure and can respond as needed.

Is it Safe?

For a great many patients, sedation is completely safe to use. It only induces semi-consciousness and does not create the potential side effects of anesthesia.

There are certain health conditions that may affect whether this form of relaxation is right for you. Impaired lung or liver function, pregnancy, and sleep apnea are some of the situations which must be accounted for if you are interested in sedation dental care. If you are allergic to common anxiety relief medications, such as Halcion and Valium, you may not be eligible to receive this comfort aid.

What Are My Other Options?

Oral conscious sedation is most beneficial for procedures that are time-consuming or those who are highly anxious about their appointment. Patients whose appointments are shorter may instead benefit from nitrous oxide.

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous is an inhalant that creates a euphoric sensation. It is the lightest form of sedation and wears off quickly enough that few patients are affected by it after their procedure is complete. Though not as strong as pill-form medication, nitrous is beneficial at making patients feel at-ease. If you are not eligible for oral conscious sedation, laughing gas proves beneficial in many circumstances.

Ask for Dental Sedation during your Next Treatment

Frost Dental Group provides sedation dentistry to create positive treatment experience for many of our procedures such as dental implant placement and full mouth restoration. Sedation is supported by help from our anesthesiologist, Dr. Glen Atlas.

Contact our office today at 201 438 8870 for more information on whether this treatment can be incorporated into your next appointment.